TCGA Firehose AWG analyses for THCA: 2013_03_18
Maintained by TCGA GDAC Team (Broad Institute/MD Anderson Cancer Center/Harvard Medical School)

Unique Tumor Sample Counts


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This is the analysis overview for Firehose run "18 March 2013".


Note: These results are offered to the community as an additional reference point, enabling a wide range of cancer biologists, clinical investigators, and genome and computational scientists to easily incorporate TCGA into the backdrop of ongoing research. While every effort is made to ensure that Firehose input data and algorithms are of the highest possible quality, these analyses have not been reviewed by domain experts.

A total of 60 reports are available for analysis run "18 March 2013".

Cancer Types

Table 1.  Click "Browse" to view reports for a cancer type of interest. If you prefer to view reports on your own computer, you may download a ZIP archive containing all reports for a cancer type by clicking "Download".

Cancer Type Cohort Reports HTML ZIP
Thyroid Adenocarcinoma THCA-TP 23 Browse Download
Thyroid Adenocarcinoma THCA-classical 10 Browse Download
Thyroid Adenocarcinoma THCA-follicular 13 Browse Download
Thyroid Adenocarcinoma THCA-other 6 Browse Download
Thyroid Adenocarcinoma THCA-tall-cell 8 Browse Download

An archive containing all reports for the 18 March 2013 run is available for download. Links to archives with reports for individual cancer types are included in Table 1.

Methods & Data
  • Run Prefix = awg_thca__2013_03_18

  • Summary Report Date = Thu Apr 4 15:43:47 2013

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